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MS polimer sealants

The main features of MS Polymers are:
– The absence of solvents, isocyanates and PVC free.
– Excellent resistance to UV rays.
– High quality anti aging.
– Be painted after the film formation.
– Permanently elastic.
The MS Polymers find their use in industrial applications such as:
– Bonding bus structures, caravans, trains and trucks.
– Bonding facilities air conditioning systems.
– Bonding aluminum containers.
– Reduced sound and vibration.
– Bonding of aluminum angle profiles.
– Bonding of polyester parts.
– Bonding flooring systems.
– Sealing welded seams.
– Bonding glass and windscreen.

MK HS301

MK HS 301

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One component MS polymer adhesive of high quality, high tack and high strength.         Particularly suitable for bonding: Corner profiles in aluminum Side panels on buses / trains Metal joints where required a high initial...

MK HS302

MK HS 302

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One component MS polymer adhesive of high quality. Particularly suitable for:         Elastic bonding and sealing in eg bus, caravans, trucks and trains Bonding ceilings of buses, trucks and trains Bonding-floor systems ISEGA...

MK HS303

MK HS 303

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Single-component adhesive with high quality. Particularly suitable for bonding:         Sealing and bonding elastic structures bus, caravan, train and truck. Bonding and sealing roofs Bonding ceilings of trains, buses, trucks....

MK HS306

MK HS 306

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High quality single component adhesive for spray application.       Particularly suitable for bonding: sealing of joints of sheets welded on horizontal surfaces sealing of junctions and overlapping parts tight sealing of joints...


MK HS 355 FC

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MK HS 355 FC is a MS polymer adhesive of high quality developed for the bonding of crystals, glass and windscreen. Very high green strength, is revealed as a very thick paste with a very high resistance to failure.     This product...


MK HS 460 FC

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High-quality MS polymer adhesive developed for windscreen bonding.       High Tensile and fast curing Packaging: 600 ml – Bulks Color: Black Mastikol 460 FC Eng...


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Flame retardant component adhesive particularly suitable for use in the marine industry,       uses: Sealing of expansion joints. Sealing for bulkheads, wall and ceiling coverings. Universal adhesive for metal, concrete, wood, etc.....



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Single-component adhesive with high quality. Particularly suitable for bonding flooring and parquet.   MK MSP5