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Epoxy Resins

Mastikol epoxy resins can be used in processes of alveolar panels or metal. Available in different mixing ratios can react under heating or in normal environment condition.


MK EP 500

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MK EP 500 is a two parts component low odour and clear with a long open time of 90 min     POT LIFE: 120 – 150 minutes FIX TIME : 3 hours MIX RATIO: 1:1 MK EP500 ENG  

EP 500 R

MK EP 500R

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Two component Epoxy adhesive suitable for bonding: Metals Rigid plastics Marble, ceramic, porcelain, models Stones jewelery Glass, ferrite Colour: Transparant Mixing ratio: 1:1 Viscosity: 6000-13000 mPas   Open time: 1-2 min. at 20 ° C Setting...


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MK EP 600UN is a two parts component epoxy system with a long open time. It’s a viscous adhesive that is usually supplied in bulks packaging and is designed to mix in a ratio of 1-1 by volume through easy hands mixing.     Good...