Mastikol’s head office has established the development and continuous improvement of the Quality System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, consisting of the organizational structure, resources and documentation necessary for the achievement of corporate objectives.

Our company considers it essential to quality management, maintenance and improvement, where possible, the quality standards for the achievements and consolidation of the market objectives, and in general a positive evolution of the “system” business as a whole.

For this purpose the company considers the importance of the following points:

• Carefully analyze the technical and commercial needs of the customer and consolidate and improve the relationship over time..

• Comply with the quality standards laid down in advance and at the same time improve needs of the customer, in terms of cost, reliability and availability.

• Provide you with the necessary documentation of the product for immediate use.

• Assist the client at pre-sales for the identification of the best product for your needs.

• Ensure that products meet customer requirements.

• Involve the supplier as part of the company in achieving the set standards, in order to raise awareness and responsibilise a full guarantee to the customer.

The Directorate of Mastikol Srl defines these points as primary objectives and necessary for the customer’s expectations.

2018 MASTIKOL certificate